Registration Date 2 Oct 2022
Revision Date 2 Oct 2022



Construction Masonry Materials



Manufacturer Asserted

Graphene Nanoplatelet

C Nanoplate/nanosheet CAS Number : 7782-42-5



Manufacturer's Description

Concrene Limited announces that the first commercial concrete product reinforced with graphene will be available on the US market in April later this year.


Fairview Hearthside, a licensee of the innovative nanotechnology, will manufacture a range of Concrene® precast fire pits for private homes and professional outdoor venues. The fire pits offer enhanced durability, long outdoor performance and natural concrete finish.


The Concrene® nanotechnology is protected by the only patent-pending application in the UK, US, Canada and Europe on using graphene in commerical concrete.


A small amount of the nanomaterial graphene, manufactured and supplied by Concrene Limited's strategic industrial partner Thomas Swan & Co Ltd, improves the hardening process of concrete, which results in a direct volume offset of cement, binders and steel reinforcement.


Dr Dimitar Dimov, Founder at Concrene Limited said “I am delighted to see that Concrene® is now past the trial phases and has successfully moved to full scale manufacturing in the US. By adopting Concrene®, our client Fairview Hearthside demonstrated their trust in our market leading expertise and our patent-pending protected nanotechnology will enable them to gain significant early market advantage”.


Michael Edwards, Commercial Director – Advanced Materials at Thomas Swan said “This is the first significant step in our partnership with Concrene and we are delighted to be offering a new product to Fairview Hearthside, using our production-scale graphene nanoplatelets. Following our product successes in other application areas, this is our first in the concrete space and we are delighted to play a part in this new product launch.”


Concrene limited invites construction stakeholders from the demand side – architects, urban, city and land planners, property developers, sustainable strategists, public and private investors - to get in touch and learn more about the advantages of Concrene® over traditional concrete.