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Retinal Prosthesis


Medicine Prosthesis and Orthopedy


Manufacturer's Description

Nanovison offers a completely novel nanotechnology approach to retinal prosthesis to cure degenerative retinal disorders. We are developing arrays of light sensitive optoelectronic nanowires that can be bundled together into small sized electrodes that form the core of a neural retinal stimulation system. The nanowire arrays are interfaced with integrated circuitry that provide feedback control over light modulation of the electrical stimulus pulse from the nanowires, and also provides power to the system in order to adjust the baseline level of output activity. This provides a mechanism for adapting between different ambient light levels, e.g. bright sunlight versus a dimly lit room.

The entire device will be packaged in a surgically implantable biologically compatible material. The device is then surgically implanted into the subretinal space between the retinal pigment epithelium and the neural retina in the space created by the degenerated photoreceptors.