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Graphene Oxide


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Graphene Oxide Powder


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Graphene oxide

C140H42O20 graphene Oxide CAS Number : 1034343-98-0


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Manufacturer's Description

Graphene Oxide (GO) is a formulation of graphite being treated with oxidizers. The chemical bondage of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in ratios results in a yellowish solid bulk product with a C:O ratio between 2.1 and 2.9. Graphite is an allotrope of carbon and occurs naturally. It has stacked up layers of honeycomb lattice-shaped structure with a two-dimensional arrangement of graphene. It can be further processed to change or enhance some features to make it more efficient to use. Reduced GO (RGO), Chemically Modified Graphene (CMG), or Chemically Converted Graphene (CCG) are types that are derived from it.

At Shilpa Enterprises, we produce graphene oxide by the Modified Hummers Method. Alternatively, we sometimes use the chemical vapor deposition method, as it is convenient. Graphene oxide contains 77% carbon and 22% oxygen, whereas 1% other elements. The GO has a Carbon Purity of approximately 99% and a bulk density of 0.48g/cc. Our product has an excellent aspect ratio where the length of the product reaches 5 to 10μm. It is black in color with 1 to 3 layers having a thickness of about 2 to 4 nanometers. It has a very high electro-sorption capacity.

We sell regular as well as customized pack sizes of Graphene oxide powder. It is also available in disperse form. Researchers can also find relatable and helpful functional groups of graphene oxide at a low-cost, exhibiting the best quality possible.