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Graphene Conductive Ink


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Conductive Ink


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


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Conductive ink is a thick thermoplastic paste of conductive nanoparticles (Graphene, Graphite, carbon, and many more). It compromises solvents and surfactants that hold the conductive material together. Typically, on the application, the solvent and surfactants should evaporate, leaving the conductive materials behind. Graphene conductive ink is a thick paste made by adding solvents, surfactants, and Graphene powder. The product has its maximum usage in the field of printed electronics.

Graphene has a 2-dimensional structure and honeycomb lattice shape and has a C-C bond contributing to the sp2 tightly bonded carbon. That makes Graphene the most flexible, thinnest, and strongest material in existence that conducts heat and electricity with great potential. It can carry conductive charges on a non-conductive surface.

One exceptional quality of Graphene is that it is non-soluble (a pure form of Graphene does not dissolve in water). Therefore, most of the organic solvents cannot dissolve Graphene. Due to its fast drying property, the most common solvent used in Graphene dispersion is acetone. Researchers can also try using solvents such as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), N, N-Dimethylformamide (DMF), and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO).

There are various methods to produce Graphene, such as liquid-phase exfoliation (LPE) (that tends to have a bulk product); however, it makes the product lose quality by losing the stability and consistency of the layers. Thus, it is unsuitable for developing Graphene conductive ink to compromise the Graphene powder's chemical and physical properties.

At Shilpa enterprises, we produce Graphene conductive ink by the chemical vapor deposition method. Then the product goes under intensive testing so that the product meets the client’s requirements. It is one of the best in quality, low-cost ink the researcher can find in the market with good adhesion and stability with low viscosity. Since we are solely the manufacturers and sellers of the product, we offer product customization as per the client's demands for bulk orders.