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Graphene Powder


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Coatings Sensors Solar cells Filters Biomedical Membrane Battery


Electrical Conductivity Thermal Conductivity High strength Magnetic

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Graphene powder (Graphene Nanopowder) is a fine, dry, and solid bulk product of graphene with infinite applications. Graphene is a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice shape of atoms. It is an allotrope of carbon having sp2 bonds in three out of the four outer shells of its hybrid orbital. Hence, it shares a sigma bond (strongest type covalent bonds) with the nearest atoms having a length of 0.142 nanometers. Graphite, another allotrope of carbon, is nothing but a staked up (having an interplanar spacing of 0.335 nm (3.35 Å)) layered produce from graphene. Although graphene is not as strong as graphite, it exhibits exceptional properties that not many materials can possess. Therefore, it is also popular as a “wonder material”.

Originally, graphite is the material that is available naturally in nature. Further processing of graphite leads to the formation of different elements such as diamond and graphene. There are many ways to achieve graphene or graphene powder from graphite, such as exfoliation, sonication, Hydrothermal self-assembly, Epitaxy, and many more. We use chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is one of the standards and popular forms of epitaxy. Here we perform a deposit of the solid graphite into a heated substrate by chemical reaction, and then we pass gas over it to achieve the graphene powder. Further, it goes through many processes to form functional groups of graphene.