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Silver Conductive Paste


Construction Masonry Materials



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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Solar cells Smart Glass


Electrical Conductivity Thermal Conductivity

Manufacturer's Description

Silver Conductive Paste is a type of conductive adhesive, which has silver nano-particles as its main ingredient. It is also known as Silver Paint because of its color, components, and applications. It is highly thermally and electrically conductive. The silver paste offers extreme adhesion, which is very useful in many applications. It is mainly preferable for applications that need fast-curing adhesion as the product dries up quickly.

The product is suitable for thick film coatings where liquid silver is not an option. Once it dries up, it offers a very high glass transition temperature up to 67 ºC (153 ºF), prevents blocking, and offers superior adhesion to polyester film. The silver paste has been cured at 43 ºC within 10 - 15 minutes. Sometimes the curing process performs at high temperatures to reduce the curing time. The job of the product is to change the non-conductive surface into a conductive surface.

It mainly uses for screen printing to make PCBs. The percent loading of silver is more than 85%, whereas the remaining is adhesive and solvent. It is available to purchase directly on the website in a pack size of 10gm, 100gm, and 250gm. Since it is volatile, it thoroughly packs in a sealed glass bottle. The lifetime of silver paste is three months after the seal break. The silver particles settle mainly at the bottom; hence it is advisable to shake the bottle vigorously before use.