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Wavex Ceramic Graphene Paste Wax Infused with SIO2


Automotive Maintenance

Car Body Wax


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5




UV Protection Super hydrophobic

Manufacturer's Description

Presenting the mother of all waxes- The WaveX Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax, arguably the greatest, most scientifically advanced and effective premium paste wax on the Indian Subcontinent. With a ground breaking blend of Graphene, SiO2, polymers and multiple waxes such as Carnauba, Monocrystalline Wax and Bees Wax, this premium paste wax is in a league of its own.

Graphene, an allotrope of Carbon is the strongest element known to mankind. With a tensile strength of 130 gigapascals, it is 129.6 times stronger than structural steel. Now imagine the kind of protection it offers cars and bikes when it is applied to their exterior surfaces? You’d feel like you’re driving agent 007’s Ashton Martin (*Wink*)

On the other hand, SiO2 which stands for Silicone Dioxide is a part of one of the most complex yet abundant families of materials that exist as compounds of several minerals and synthetic products. It is used for the production of concrete, glass, cosmetics, high temperature thermal protection fabric and much more.

Finally, Carnauba Wax, Monocrystalline Wax and Bees Wax Polymers, manufactured using the finest and purest Brazilian Carnauba Leaves, it leaves your vehicle with an astonishingly brilliant deep mirror gloss shine and hyrdrophobicity that prevents rusting and corrosion.

This 3 in 1 formulation is so unique and effective that (believe it or not) it could help you replace all traditional vehicle waxes, polishes and sealants due to its ease of application and effectiveness. After years of clinical trials and tests, we have managed to infuse Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax with a formulation that would give your car or bike’s paint a brand new deep glossy wet paint look.

The Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax offers 2X more hydrophobicity over other ceramic waxes and a whopping 4X more hydrophobicity and clarity over traditional vehicle waxes.

Graphene and SiO2 on the other hand will protect your vehicle against the harsh UV rays of the sun and will prevent paint discolouration. Their heat resistance properties will also help avert exterior paint damage that sometimes occurs due to the vehicle’s exterior surfaces overly heating up which is why this product can be applied in direct sunlight and on warm or cool paint finishes.

You would be able to witness the true potential and magic of the Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste when you apply it on vehicle’s coated with the immaculate WaveX Ceramic Coating.

The reason why you should opt for the WaveX Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Was is that this is one of the most durable and long lasting premium waxes in the auto detailing industry furthermore, its non-dust properties enable it to shield your beloved vehicles against environmental and chemical contamination.

Can be used on paint, wheels, headlights and exterior metals like chrome, aluminium etc.

To use the Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax, dip a small edge of the WaveX Foam Applicator in the wax container and evenly spread the wax in a circular motion. Let the wax dry on the surface later, buff the surface using the WaveX Microfiber Cloth or the WaveX Dual Action Polisher Machine. Remember to close the lid of the product and store it in a cool and dry place after every application.