Registration Date 26 Oct 2022
Revision Date 26 Oct 2022

Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant


Automotive Maintenance

Wheel Sealant




Salt Resistance Dust removal

Manufacturer's Description

We’ve created a brand new Nano polymer-based spray on wheel sealant which contains waxes and brake dust inhibitors designed to seal in your clean wheels and protect from the attack of brake dust and consequent pitting.

Wheels treated with Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant will be much much easier to clean, look shinier longer and not need refurbishment either. They will keep harmful brake dust, salt and road grime off your alloy, steel, diamond cut and split rims wheels of any type. Even wire wheels.

The product is entirely non-hazardous, so safe for us to ship worldwide. It is a clear liquid and adds shine too.

It will save you time, money and backache – a simple wash with shampoo and a sponge will keep your wheels clean.

Independent reports of durability of over 6 months have been seen. Even greater longevity will be seen on rarely used garaged cars or weekend cars. Our wheel sealant is perfect for heavily used motorway or race cars which suffer from heavy brake dust accumulations.

Layering the product creates greater durability, as the cross-linking polymers bond to form a tougher coating. No problem with overspray on the discs when applying, it will come off the first time you brake and the car will stop normally even then.