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Petroleum Well Treatment

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Drilling fluid

Manufacturer's Description

Based on proprietary nano-chemistry, nForcer™ was developed from ground up to provide superior performance in all types of drilling fluids. nForcer™ is effective at low concentrations, has minimal impact on the basic mud properties and provides effective fluid loss reduction, wellbore strengthening and lubrication in horizontal and extended reach wells. Read below how our nanotechnology can bring your drilling fluid system to the next level.
Loss of drilling mud is one of the leading cause of non-productive time (NPT) and formation damage. Therefore, its mitigation is critical to the success of drilling operations and future production. The field use of nForcer™ has demonstrated up to a 30% reduction in total mud losses, which provides cost savings to the oil and gas operator.
During drilling into friable formations such as shale or coal, the nForcer™ nanoparticles have the ability to consolidate and strengthen the near wellbore region, prevent stuck drilling pipe due to sloughing, and at the same time increase fracture pressure resistance by up to 60%. This provides further opportunities for monobore well designs and re-fracturing.
Friction between the drill pipe and the wellbore has a direct impact on the drilling costs as well as the life of the downhole equipment. nForcer™ has the ability to reduce friction and wear in two ways: (1) coating the surface of the drill pipe and (2) producing a thinner, smoother filter cake at the wellbore. This reduction in friction increases the rate of penetration (ROP) and enhances horizontal reach. Field testing has shown a reduction in torque and drag of up to 20%.