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High Emissivity Coating


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Manufacturer's Description

Emisshield products are high emissivity coatings with heat re-radiation capabilities extending over a wide temperature range up to 3,100°F (1,700°C). Emissivity is the measure of a body’s ability to emit or absorb energy when compared to a perfect black body. Emissivity is measured on a scale from zero to one, one being a perfect black body. All Emisshield Products have an emissivity value between 0.85 and 0.95. What does that mean? Better combustion, energy savings, production increases, minimized downtime, extended life of the substrate and an overall more efficient operation. Emisshield’s core technology was originally developed by NASA to withstand the harsh and unpredictable environment of space. The coating was used as the heat shield for the X-33 and X-34 Space Plane Program.

Emisshield is not an insulator. It is not a barrier to the conduction of thermal energy through a furnace wall. Insulating refractories are generally placed behind dense refractories at the cold face of refractory linings. While this reduces heat loss from a furnace, the amount of heat stored in the refractory is increased and the refractory materials must withstand higher mean temperatures. When Emisshield is used, it is applied to the hot face of the furnace. Radiant and convective energy from the burners and hot furnace gases are absorbed at the surface of the coating and re-radiated to the cooler furnace load.

The Emisshield technology has been tested all over the world, on many different substrates and in the harshest of elements. The results have shown and will continue to show that Emisshield is the leading standard for High Emissivity Coatings. Every gallon of Emisshield is manufactured and prepared in our Virginia Production Facility ensuring our Products authenticity and precision. This Facility is designed and equipped to produce over 40,000 gallons of material each year, allowing for Emisshield to tackle the toughest projects with little turnaround time.