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Manufacturer's Description

BelAge is our 1st product specifically designed to complement people’s quality of life. Its action is effective, thanks to its formula made with natural ingredients and ADS (Advanced Delivery System) technology that ensures a controlled time-release of ingredients, based on the required specification: slow or fast release.

The controlled release in specific sites of the body prevents damage to the stomach through a special coating, allowing total efficiency in the results.
ADS protects the ingredients from gastric acids.
The metabolites are encapsulated in the ADS.
ADS acts as protection against external aggression.
ADS is absorbed in the small intestine and enters the bloodstream.
The ADS transports the ingredients through the blood.
ADS achieve the penetration of ingredients with better assimilation to complete the natural energy in an innovative way*.
*Assimilation of nutrients for the organism.
The ingredients are encapsulated in the ADS, which protects against external aggression and protects the ingredients from gastric acids.

BelAge with Orisod Enzyme by its novel ADS (Advanced Delivery System) technology, provides you with a renewing nutritional experience* thanks to the controlled release of its components in an effective way and with a better assimilation, through nanoparticles that complement the natural energy in an intelligent way*, together with correct nutrition.