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Anti-reflection Coating


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Anti-reflection coating


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Manufacturer's Description

Do you want to reduce the reflection of your plastic or glass? Use the 1-pot Anti-reflection coating (AR) of Kriya Materials. Per side of a coated plastic film or glass sheet, the transmission can be increased up to an average of 2-3 % (400-700 nm) per side of a coated glass or plastic, depending on mechanical requirements, to an average of 3% between 400-700 nm.

When stacked with a hard coat (HC)as base layer, even improved mechanical properties are obtained. The basecoat can be functionalized with additional functionalities such as antistatic, anti-glare or heat absorption.

Advantages of Kriya’s antireflection coating principle are:

√ One-pot system
√ Ready-to-use
√ Cost attractive
√ Compatible with standard wet deposition techniques such as roll-to roll or sheet-to-sheet coaters (e.g. slot die or gravure)
√ No Capex

The anti-reflection coating can be applied using standard wet deposition techniques such as roll coating and slot die, making it the economical choice over conventional AR coatings. The glass coater can determine the position of the minimum reflection through fine tuning the wet layer thickness. Due to the low solid content of this coating, slow and accurate processing is advised for precise and homogeneous thickness control.