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Peak 4125-12


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Manufacturer's Description

In our technology-driven world, the importance of solid-state film capacitors can’t be overstated. Yet there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in the materials used to create these crucial pieces of technology in decades.

Until now.

Peak Nano’s new nanolayered dielectric film for capacitors is the long-anticipated development that overcomes the challenges you face using the current polypropylene or PET film technologies. We’ve broken the traditional energy density and temperature performance constraints that have limited you for so long.

Reduced size, higher capacity and significantly higher temperature ratings are just the start of the possibilities with Peak Nano Films. These improvements all provide new design freedom options for capacitor producers and the potential for reduced systems costs for end users.

What may surprise you is that Peak Nano is able to achieve these huge jumps in performance using widely available commercial polymers. It’s all due to the unique structure of our nanolayered films.

Through our patented process we enhance electrical properties such as a high dielectric constant. We combine that with our ability to tailor solutions to specific capacitor performance requirements, such as low dissipation factor, high breakdown strength, or higher temperature. The results of these synergistic combinations speak for themselves.