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Magic Sponge Eraser


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Highly absorbent Stains removal

Manufacturer's Description

Magic Sponges Eraser, also known as Melamine foam Sponges, is a melamine resin foam made for cleaning sponges. This white sponge has more advantages and application use than mostly traditional sponges.

The melamine sponge works like very soft sandpaper since, unlike other cleaning sponges, a High-density melamine sponge magic sponge is as hard as glass, but the fine cell structure provides the product’s flexibility. When melamine is moistened, it slides easily and rubs the dirt off the surface.

Melamine sponge offers a completely new cleaning medium, both inside and outside the house. Heavy dirt on smooth, hard surfaces such as ceramic and glass tiles, stove tops, counter tops, walls, trim and doors, can be thoroughly erased with the High-density melamine sponge magic sponge cleaning sponge. Magic melamine sponge can also be used on leather seats and hubcaps in the automotive realm. Melamine nano sponge eraser acts in a manner that differs from that of other cleaning products available on the market. It simply rubbs off the dirt.
How Magic Sponge Works
Magic Sponges only need water to effectively clean most stains--no chemicals or additives necessary. On the exterior , they look, act and feel as almost every other sponges, however that's where the similarities end.

Melamine foam can be just a porous material, that acts something similar to very fine sandpaper to lightly remove stains. Though it feels tender on the surface, each eraser is in fact uniquely abrasive and uses small air pockets at the material to lift stains when damp.
Are Magic Sponge Eraser Safe
In summary, yes. While the chemical ingredient mentioned above does contain the word formaldehyde, it's a portion of a compound name. Formaldehyde itself is not a real ingredient at the sponges. Magic Sponges are non-toxic and safe to household usage. They are abrasive, however, so you don't want to rub them from the skin or let the kids get ahold of them.

For its true material and its influence on the health of the planet, a few studies have identified that the particles which get washed down the sink as a potential accession to the microplastic scourge in deserts, yet this is still largely unclear. Magic Sponges aren't biodegradable, however they are a safer alternative to potentially toxic cleaning supplies.