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Bicycle Wax


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Bicycle chain

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During the development of Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt chain wax, Josh put considerable effort into looking at all possible friction modifiers including Graphene. Sadly, he found that this ‘wonder material’ generally made little to no difference in performance despite it’s
very high price, how could this be?

So in an attempt to get to the bottom of this Josh went directly to the original source of graphene, Versarien® PLC, a company formed from the partnership between the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester (where graphene was discovered) and is one of only three graphene producers in the world to be certified by the Graphene Council as producing true graphene. Versarien® produces the highest purity graphene in the world which they call Nanene™.

“From our first test with Nanene™, we knew that real Graphene was indeed, the future.” Says Josh Poertner, President of SILCA. “Everything we could throw at it showed it excelling over our existing technologies, and that says a lot when our Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax is already considered to be the fastest and lowest wearing lubricant in the world as independently tested by numerous third party laboratories including ZeroFrictionCycling and Tour Magazin Germany.

As a core part of our product development, SILCA have also entered into a partnership with the Ray Ewry Sports Engineering Center (RESEC) at Purdue University just up the road from SILCA headquarters. The RESEC is lead by Jan-Anders Mansson former President of the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS), an International Olympic Committee (IOC) co-founded organization. RESEC is an engineering-based sports research center focusing on next generation technologies
impacting the sports field. RESEC is also currently developing multiple technologies for measurement of drivetrain efficiency, as well as standardization of smart trainers for E-racing in collaboration with UCI.