Registration Date 24 Dec 2022
Revision Date 24 Dec 2022

Nanophite® MW-01


Others Nanomaterials

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes


Manufacturer Asserted

Multi-wall carbon nanotube

CNT Carbon Nanotube CAS Number : 308068-56-6


Coatings Paint Composites Aerospace Construction industry Defense industry

Manufacturer's Description

With Nanophite® MW-01’s purity of 97.5%, economical prices, consistent size, shape and width over hundreds of tonnes, you can count on variant critical, glitch free manufacturing.
Why trust your mission critical composite and construction manufacturing to cheaper, less consistent and pure carbon nanotubes? Nanophite® MW-01 is the breakthrough in performance and consistency your engineers have been waiting for. Nanophite® MW-01 is a MWCNT product that is engineered to be highly dispensable in many solvents. It’s designed to outperform the competition in its mechanical properties by providing an industry high of 97.5% purity over many batches and tonnes of ordered product.

As a manufacturer, you can rely on each batch of Nanophite®, Next Generation MW-01 Carbon Nanotubes to be a consistent partner in your critically sensitive composite, paint, sealant / coating, epoxies, polymers, asphalt and cement reinforcement projects.

Applications for Nanophite® high performance carbon nanotubes include the aerospace, automotive, large scale construction / heavy industry, 3D printing, corrosion mitigation and defense. Contact us about your specific needs. We’re  here to help you today.