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ZANSHARE Heat Insulation Premixed Texture Exterior Wall Coating


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Manufacturer's Description

ZANSHARE Wall Texture coating with a combination of acrylic and natural quartz sand, pigments and fillers. Recommended for painting exterior walls . Provides a fine sand finish that also allows a finish with coarser textures. It is excellent at heat preser.

 ZANSHARE' star products, IN-FRARE THERMAL insulation coatings as the building exterior wall application material, is a set of heat insulation, heat protection, waterproof and decoration Integrated. It is a safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economic high-tech products . After painting the wall, it has a strong material realism, giving the building a very different style. It is applicable to the decoration and protection of the walls of various buildings, such as office building, school, villa, residential building and hotel.
The performance of this coatings is more better than standard waterborne coating. The thickness of the heat insulation layer used for buildings is only about 0.3 mm, which overcomes the safety problems caused by fire, empty drum , cracking, shedding, mildew, algal formation, leakage and so on due to the multi-layer and complex construction procedure of traditional heat preservation method, The site inspection from different authoritative organizations has confirmed that the buildings with heat insulation paint technology has international advanced level. The product is now activing across all of the world.