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KISHO Si-901 Top Ceramics Glass Coating


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish




Anti-pollution Scratch Resistance Weatherability UV Protection Corrosion resistance Oxidation Resistance Anti-static High Adhesion Hydrophobic

Manufacturer's Description

Nearly 90% of people can drive, but how many people actually take care of their cars?

Ask yourself and your friends how long it takes to maintain your car.

Our Car Ceramic Coating Service features:

1, High hardness of plating. It can form a solid protective layer on the car paint, so the car paint is not easy to be scratched. 

2, strong penetration. It can be very easy to integrate into the car paint, easy to clean all the parts of the car paint , so shine the car paint as new.

3, strong adhesion. The coating layer is so strong that it is difficult to be washed can protect your car paint a very long time.

4, after use, make the car paint three-dimensional sense.

5, hydrophobic self-cleaning paint protection, hydrophobic lotus leaf effect: with super hydrophobicity, weatherability, anti UV, anti pollution, acid rain and various bacteria corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, corrosion, erosion, anti radiation, anti-static, anti high temperature.

6.Japan ceramic coating nanotechnology