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Biodegradability Anti-aging Anti-oxidant Cell regeneration Skin irritations healing

Manufacturer's Description

This year we are launching on the market a revolutionary range of cosmetic masks, based on our own patented technology of the production of nano-fibre layers on the basis of natural chitosan. NANO MEDICAL introduces, as the first in the world, the industrial production of nano-fibre structures on the basis of chitosan for application in cosmetic and medical devices (regeneration masks, plasters and wound covers).
We are now finalizing the development of series production. Their launch onto the market is planned for the July 2022.

Bioactive chitosan promotes deep regeneration of the skin. The nano-structure perfectly adheres to damp skin, enables quick absorption of chitosan and supports skin regeneration after irritation (peeling, stress, polluted atmosphere). Chitosan soothes irritated skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Safe and natural product:

DOES NOT CONTAIN alcohol, synthetic additives, silicone, parabens, colourants or chemical stabilizers.
Active substance: plant chitosan of 100% natural origin
Support material (viscose) is 100% compostable.
The mask is suitable for all types of skin.

We are introducing NANO BEAUTY MASK on the market under our own trademark NANO MED.CLEAN and we offer our partners tailored manufacturing under a private label. Our patented technology enables the addition into the nano-fibre layer a whole range of other efficient substances for premium skin care. If you are interested, please contact contact us, we will be glad to work together with you in joint development.

We also provide custom-made individual nano-fibre layer of fibres with chitosan, intended to be transferred onto another carrying material; i.e., applied to PP spunbond or silicone paper. This semi-finished product is intended for further processing, usually lamination, into any suitable material according to the customer’s needs, depending on their further specific technological procedure.