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ChitoFib Patch NW


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Anti-microbial activity

Manufacturer's Description

ChitoFib is a revolutionary range of medical devices drawing upon our own patented technology of manufacturing nano-fibre layers based on natural chitosan. As the first in the world, Nano Medical introduced the industrial manufacture of nano-fibre structures based on chitosan for application in medical devices (adhesive bandages, wound covers), which protect wounds from contamination, and promote and accelerate healing.

ChitoFib Patch NW –non-woven textile, individual nano-fibre layer from fibres with chitosan, intended for the manufacture of medical devices. Or, already applied to a bearing textile, usually absorption non-woven textile, intended for the manufacture of medical plasters.

Bioactive chitosan for accelerating healing– the nano-structure combined with biopolymers supports cell proliferation and creates a natural structure for areal wound healing.
Principle of damp healing–creates gel in contact with liquids; i.e., the creation of a humid environment, which enables new epidermal cells to migrate more easily on the wound surface. A benefit for the patient is the faster healing of the wound, a longer interval between replacing bandages, prevention of scabs, restriction of pain.
Perfect protection of wounds– this extremely fine nano-fibre structure works as a protection filter against potential microbial contamination of the wound from the exterior environment.
The natural anti-microbial effect of chitosan also helps prevent possible microbial infection from the environment.
Biodegradable– chitosan degrades naturally due to the impact of body fluids.
Suitable for all types of wounds – surgical, traumatic, chronical, burns, diabetes feet, bedsores