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Respiratory Mask


Anti-bacterial Activity Lightweight Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

A unique single-use medical mask in ultra-light design – it is, in fact, a nano-mask in the form of a respirator.

The use of the top nano-fibre filtration medium ANTIMICROBE WEB R ensures a maximum extent of protection (filtration efficiency >99%). And thanks to the excellent permeability of the material, the mask enables the user to breath comfortably even with an increased burden or respiratory difficulties (elderly people, asthmatics).

The shape of the mask ensures perfect adhesion to the face, very good tightness, and thus prevents an undesirable penetration of inhaled air around the edges of the mask. LIGHT MASK represents the perfect synergy of an ideal shape of mask and filtration medium.

The filtration layer of nano-fibres represents a physical barrier against the penetration of viruses, bacteria and tiny solid particles. Its filtration function is stable and long-term, as opposed to ordinary medical masks. The filtration of standard masks works on the principle of an electrostatic charge which “attracts“ impurities and prevents them from penetrating through the mask. Through the absorption of humidity and exhalation of water vapours, the efficiency of an ordinary mask gradually decreases (the loss of electrostatic charge). However, our masks and filters with a nano-fibre layer secure up to 12-hour protection with the full efficiency of the filter.

We confirm that our nano-masks, including LIGHT MASK, comply with the demands for filtration efficiency as defined by the Extraordinary Measure of the Ministry of Health as of 25 October 2021. This provision orders to the citizens, among other things, to use protective means of airways….

“…which are a respirator or a similar device (without an exhale vent) complying with at least all technical conditions and requirements (for the product), including filtration efficiency of at least 94 % as per corresponding standards…“

For the need of possible proving of declared properties and their compliance with the requirement as per the Extraordinary Measure the user may use this Declaration by the Manufacturer.