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NanoCare Household cleaning cloths (4 units)


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Dust removal Fingerprints repellent

Manufacturer's Description

We‘re proud to present You home care cleaning cloths, specificaly designed for daily household cleaning tasks without the use of chemicals. The material is made using Nanotec technology and ultra-soft components in order to preserve and thoroughly clean the surface at the same time. Cloth can be used for thorough and effective dust cleaning, window & glass polishing. If You want to clean Your windows, furniture surfaces in living room, bathroom and kitchen areas without much effort & using only water, this cloth is the best tool to Your needs!


No chemicals required (only some water);
Can be used multiple times (clean, wash and clean again);
Made of pure microfiber material (75% polyester and 25% of polyamide treated using Nanotec technology);
Lightly-dyed material provides high level of dirt absorption without any dye leakage;
Can be washed with simple soap and/or detergent-free cleaner;
Perfectly removes fingerprints, dust deposits and oil/grease stains;
Ideal for solid surface cleaning, can also be used for effective dust removal from textile & upholstery, soft furniture parts;
Contains no hard materials or fibers, thus providing full softness possible.

Product is easy to use: simply dampen the cloth with some water and clean the desired area. If You‘re using the cloth for dust removal, You can use this cloth dry.
In case of long-term grease/oil deposits, please use non-aggressive glass/furniture cleaners (make sure that cleaners don‘t contain acids or acetates).
After cleaning the surface rinse the cloth with simple soap & warm tap water, then leave it to dry.