Registration Date 16 Jan 2023
Revision Date 16 Jan 2023

SK formula 1 surface sealing 500ml


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish


Salt Resistance Scratch Resistance Weather Resistance Dust Resistance UV Resistant

Manufacturer's Description

Formula 1 acrylic zonyl concentrate is guaranteed harmless for all care areas recommended by us and seals surfaces with Teflon through NANO-TEC Seals surfaces with Teflon by Nanotec protects against weather influences protects against yellowing caused by UV rays protects against snow, salt, industrial dust and other aggressive air components effortlessly removes tar, rust and insects protects your car like a garage. The paint stays fresh and active can be processed wet, dry and in the sun covers fine surface scratches (car wash, fingernails, etc.) Protects car, boat and caravan like a garage. Scratch-resistant - impact-resistant - high-gloss thanks to 5-component protection Formula 1 Acrylic Zonyl Concentrate is a workshop and laboratory tested guarantee product. It is ideal for the care of metallic paints, multi-layer and effect paints (including new paints). It is also tried and tested for sealing all smooth surfaces, all paintwork, metals, chrome, nickel, copper, all plastics, plastic windows, smooth marble, tiles and enamel.