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Nano-multilayer Film PICASUS™


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Reflective film


Automotive Appliances Smartphone, Tablet

Manufacturer's Description

PICASUS™ leverages our proprietary nano-multilayer technology to control the thickness of each layer of film with high precision at the nanometer level through control of the layering, and polymer technology.
With PICASUS™, it is possible to control the thickness of each of several hundred layers of film.
This enables wavelength selectivity, which allows one to control the wavelength band of reflection and transmittance caused by optical interference reflection.
This technology not only makes it possible to achieve a metallic luster without having to use any metal, but it also allows for properties such as electromagnetic wave transmission, and serves as an alternative to metal plating and painting, contributing to reduced environmental impact.
It is ideal for decorating and enhancing the functionality of smartphones, PCs, home appliances, vehicles and more.
It is also highly moldable — not only can it be molded together with resin, but it can also be combined with processes such as surface treatment and printing to allow for a wide variety of design expressions.