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CaraPro® Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Concrete Sealer


Construction Masonry Materials

Concrete Protective Coating




Algae Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Low viscosity, solventborne penetrating polysiloxane-based systems with dry-to-touch times ranging between 15-20 minutes. Excellent cost/performance balance. Tolerant of light foot traffic after 30 minutes of application.   Fungal and algae resistant finish. Compatible with all types of concrete substrates across a range of porosities.

The CaraPro® line of sealers & stains for concrete is designed and formulated using patented nanotechnology developed by Integricote, Inc., a company based in Houston, Texas.
Our products are penetrating sealers – they soak into the surface of the material and form a strong protective barrier under the surface. Once that barrier has formed then the amount of water that can soak in is significantly reduced. Water is a leading cause of damage and mildew growth so keeping it away is an important step in prolonging the life and appearance of your structures. (See our videos showing how water will ‘bead’ rather than soak into a coated surface here.) The longer a surface is subjected to mold or mildew growth the higher the risk of it becoming permanently stained. Using CaraPro Concrete Sealer & Stain on a clean, stain free surface will help prevent those ugly stains forming.  This is especially important in areas of high humidity or high rainfall.
 In contrast to other sealers out there, our CaraPro® Concrete Sealer & Stain range uses a patented quick dry technology. This means that your coated surface will be touch-dry within 15 minutes, and unaffected by rain within 3 hours. You can apply our product on a clean dry surface in the morning and an afternoon rainstorm will not wash it off.
CaraPro® Concrete sealer is specifically designed for use on concrete (driveways, walkways) and decorative structures and is available in both clear and colored formulations. Please see our color chart here. We can customize colors for a specific project, as long as you meet our minimum order requirement. Email at [email protected] to contact our technical experts.
We want you to love using our CaraPro products but the end result can vary depending on the age, condition and content of the surface being treated. Proper preparation of the surface being coated is always necessary. Always do a patch test in an inconspicuous place 72 hours prior to applying CaraPro Concrete Sealers & Stains.