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Manufacturer's Description

Created using the latest developments in nano technology, DieselFusion is an all-inclusive, patented diesel fuel catalyst in a concentrated formula to increase engine performance and efficiency and protect your diesel engine year-round WITHOUT the damaging effects of alcohol. 

Dramatically reduces soot and fumes
Significantly reduces fuel costs
Improves lubricity in low-sulfur fuel
Stabilizes fuel for long-term storage
Prevents corrosion & cleans fuel system
Raises cetane for improved performance
Quicker starting & smoother running engine
DieselFusion has been extensively tested to be safe for your engine and the environment. This revolutionary non-alcohol formula works in a three-phase process:

1.  DieselFusion’s hydro filtration process creates specific carboxylate nanoparticles, which average 0.002 microns in width, which are the key component to our product. When introduced into diesel fuel, the particular nanoparticles cause a complex reaction that transfers an electron to the reacting molecules causing a delocalization of the electron cloud creating a chemical and molecular process of reverse catenatation. This process causes the polar bonds of the inefficient long chain hydrocarbons to weaken resulting in shorter hydrocarbons that burn more efficiently which significantly increasing fuel economy and horse power. As a result of a cleaner burning fuel, emissions such as Lead (Pb), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide (N0x), Sulfur Oxide (S0x), Sulfur Dioxide (S02), Sulfur Trioxide (S03), Unburned Hydrocarbons (HC), Sulfur (S), and particulate matter or soot (PM) are dramatically reduced. DieselFusion’s molecular charged nanocatalyst also bonds with less negatively charged Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) compounds, the leading cause of Acid Rain, and chemically alters it into Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4), which is a neutral compound (Mg0 + H2S04 → MgS04 +H20).

2.  DieselFusion’s charged nanoparticle micro lubricant blends with diesel fuel increasing lubricity in EPA mandated ultra low sulfur fuel. The micro lubricant also creates a reactive polar bond that attaches to the surface of the internal components of the engine providing a protective layer for the fuel system, engine seals and gaskets. This layer reduces friction between moving parts, cushions moving parts against shock, and helps with compression by sealing micro gaps between piston rings and cylinder walls. Our micro lubricant also protects vital engine components from rust, corrosion, and deterioration caused by water and alcohol in the fuel. The lubricated internal engine components stay cleaner, smoother and protected extending the life of your engine.

3.  DieselFusion’s nanoparticles molecularly attach to carbon built-up that collects and hardens on the cylinder heads, cylinder walls, pistons and valves and slowly softens the deposits allowing them to re-burn more easily increasing engine efficiency and performance. DieselFusion’s molecular softening action also gently cleans the entire fuel system of gum and varnish. Tests have also shown a significant reduction in algae growth from bacteria, fungus and yeast biomass in diesel and bunker fuels.