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Manufacturer's Description

Water use is dramatically increasing due to contemporary global issues such as population growth and climate change, depleting national environmental resources and effecting water and food security.

The solution – Moistube™ assists in rectifying such issues by addressing the needs of the agricultural industry. Moistube™ has proven higher water efficiency, increased crop yields and superior production profitability, with limited maintenance, at reduced cost.

Moistube™ is a slow release, sub-surface irrigation system. It is based on a unique nano-technology which significantly reduces water use. The irrigation process reduces plant stress to a minimum via constant water release; 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. On average there is approximately a 20% increase in crop and biomass production while reducing water consumption by up to 75%.

Moistube™ releases water through nano-holes at a rate determined by an applied pressure in the system. The method allows for easy water release adjustments, simply by changing the pressure in the network. Within soil, Moistube™ creates an even and constant underground wet zone where plant roots have easy access to water and nutrients.

The nano-porous Moistube™ material utilises natural capillary processes. The process enables Moistube™ to release a sufficient amount of water for when the soil is dry and reduces once the soil is saturated.