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CoeLux High Tech 25


Electronics Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED Lighting



Manufacturer's Description

The CoeLux High Tech 25 is pure magic: it reproduces the light of the sun and the sky in just a few centimetres of advanced technology giving a sensation of natural daylight that’s perfect for use even in settings with limited installation height.

Featuring a vertical beam of light and a versatile design, CoeLux High Tech 25 is a 25 cm thick rectangular artificial skylight which brings the sensation of natural light into interiors of all kinds. The CoeLux High Tech 25 is suitable for installation in plasterboard or modular false ceilings and is designed to offer the greatest possible freedom of positioning. It can also be installed in series to form a grid or linear composition of pleasing natural light. 

Sky and Light experience
The CoeLux High Tech 25 illuminates and projects a beam of intense light replicating the light of the sun and enhancing colours, textures and objects within a room. The area of projected light is slightly larger than the frame itself and illuminates the surrounding area in a soft diffuse manner. 

The CoeLux High Tech 25 is available in two versions, Classic and Smart Sky. The Classic version, with dimmer function, appears as a bright blue sky while the Smart Sky version allows you to recreate the passage of time from sunrise to sunset, enjoying gradually shifting colours and light intensity throughout the day. The CoeLux Experience can be controlled via your smart home system (DALI and 0-10V) or through the CoeLux App.