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Hydrophilic Coating


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Hydrophilic Coating


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Manufacturer's Description

Our patented hydrophilic nano-coating treatments improve performance of virtually any product via easy-to-apply hydrophilic nano-coatings that can bond with a wide array of surfaces. Together we create winning hydrophilic products!

Aculon® has a variety of surface coating technologies capable of functionalizing numerous substrate types to be hydrophilic. Aculon’s® hydrophilic coatings and treatments are highly water attracting offering numerous performance benefits. In addition these hydrophilic coatings are ultra thin (nanoscale), optically clear and quite durable. There are numerous performance advantages to having a hydrophilic surface on countless applications.

Aculon® has a wide variety of technologies at our disposal meaning that we can treat nearly any surface or substrate. This includes, but is not limited to metals, polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, and glass. The type of substrate will impact the technology options which can be utilized in addition to cleaning or other processing steps that may be required. In general due to the presence of a surface oxide layer we find the highest likelihood of success with metals, ceramics, glass, and semiconductors.

Aculon®'s hydrophilic surface coatings are chemically robust with options that can withstand most any environment or exposure condition. These nano-coatings are thermally stable (200°-300°C+) in ambient air. Due to strong covalent bonding they are also resistant to abrasion. We have a saying that the hydrophilic treatment is “as strong as the underlying substrate”. If your substrate will survive the environment undamaged, our hydrophilic nano-coatings will too. We also have hydrophilic coating options which are more durable to abrasion than the underlying substrate!