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Onions, Tomatoes


Anti-bacterial Activity Antiviral

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The best organic fertilizer for tomatoes on the market. High nitrogen content. Contact us today for a custom quote or to learn more about our products.

Introduction: Nano-scale is 10-9m. Organisms Life systems of organisms are controlled by nano molecules whose nano-scale is between 15 and 20 nanos, which includes the transmission of signals from genes, RNA, protein and DNA. Cleavage of plants cells, differentiation, proliferation,blooming,fruiting, production of heredity substance, reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, quick growing pests and cell division of viruses can be restrained by 600-1200 nanos of nano-scale. After people use nano NANO-5 on their crops or plants, nano molecules begin to spread, and permeate. After 20 seconds plant cells, pest cells, virus, pathogenic bacteria cells form into a loop of nano molecule chains. They then start to activate genes, and interfere with signal transduction of gene to quickly advance plant cells by the following differentiation, proliferation, blooming, fruiting, prevention of fruit dropping, inducing fertilization, resistance to cold, resistance to drought, resistance to heat, eliminating obstacles of rotation, eliminating cultivation under unusual climate, eliminating obstacles of seasonal cultivation, synthesizing peculiar pigments of flowers, decreasing interference of pathogeny and pests and maintaining natural ecological balance. NANO-5 can clean plant and animal cells poisons which cannot be accepted by cells. NANO-5 molecules can integrate glucoprotein of human, animal, and plant cell membranes to form a loop protective membranes, which prevents viruses, and pathogenic bacteria from attacking, and toxic substances permeating cells. Plant cells need CO2(45%) and O2(45%)for their nutrition. NANO-5 can initiate genes to send out signals to automatically open stomas, and absorb natural O2, CO2, and free ammonia. Plants can synthesize demanded nutrition of cell division without photosynthesis, and different crops can be reared under different climates.1. Contact death: NANO-5 permeates pest bodies and induces inner cell pressure of cells, and cell membranes dehydrate and die.2. NANO-5 permeates pest cells and hinder internal secretion systems, and nervous systems, which causes pests indigestion or refusing food to die. Moreover, NANO-5 sends out electronic signals which disturb pest nerve antennas; therefore, limiting pest contact with plants.NANO-5 permeates pathogenic bacteria cells within 20 seconds, produces inner cell pressure, cytoplasm for maintaining bacteria life flows outwards, and pathogenic bacteria wither. When NANO-5 has stayed within cytoplasm for a long time, it will develop a loop molecule chain to prevent virus and plant pathogenic bacteria spores to adhere to plant surfaces, and NANO-5 sends out electronic signals to disturb pathogenic bacteria absorbing water and developing cells.NANO-5 forms a healthy, safe, and hygienic foodchain, whenever NANO-5 is used in any crops. Agricultural products do not retain any heavy metals, poisonous chemical matters, antibiotics, or plant hormone. Plant cells store considerable nutrition necessary for human cells. Nano-molecules integrate human cells, and adjust the immune system, the metabolism system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the urinary system, the digestive system to process nutrition distribution, drain toxic matter away, mend cell defects, regenerate new cells, invert hormone of nano-molecules, adjust internal secretion and metabolism. Loop nano-molecules integrate the digestive system, and after digesting it produces H+ protons to combines oxygen free radical in the human circulatory systems, and forms H2O which drains from human body.

1.Functions of Plant Growth: Promoting cleavage of plant cells,differentiation,proliferation,blooming,fruiting,
resistance to cold,drought,and ethene,prevention of fruit dropping and splitting,adjusting and shortening the period of production

2. Prevention and Cure of Diseases and Pests: Preventing, fusarium, fungi, bacterial wilt, bacteria, virus and pests inhibiting piercing-sucking pests, chewing pests, nematodes, and seasonal diseases and pests