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Nano 10⁻⁹ engine oil additive


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Manufacturer's Description

ERC NANO 10⁻9 engine oil additive forms an ultra-thin functional layer in the engine interior and thereby reduces friction, wear and sediments. It improves the oil supply for improved engine performance and lower fuel consumption.

The Effect
Even smooth metal surfaces appear coarse when viewed under a microscope. The friction arising as a result causes wear and higher fuel consumption. ERC NANO 10⁻9 engine oil additive chemically 'hardens' the metal surface and forms a smooth protective layer with chemically active nanostructures on the heavily stressed friction surfaces. Surfaces for optimum energy performance and less consumption. The molecular engine interior coating for the reduction of friction and wear is based on nanotechnology and does not contain any solid particles.
The NANO technology (Greek: nánnos = dwarf) is based on a dimension from a single atom up to a structure size of 100 nanometres (nm). A nanometre is one billionth of a metre (10⁻9).

The Result
The chemically active molecular nano glide film optimally supplements the lubricating film with the motor oil for reduced friction. Since ERC NANO 10⁻9 does not contain any solid particles, the active ingredients do not deposit or clog filters or oil passages. Use of the additive results in a cleaner engine, cleaner combustion, and optimal engine performance with lower fuel consumption.