Registration Date 13 May 2023
Revision Date 13 May 2023

Nano Engine Oil Anti-wear Additive


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Oil Additive


Wear Resistance Friction reduction

Manufacturer's Description

KingKar Nano Engine Oil Anti-wear Additive is a liquid organic tungsten additive, which can greatly improve its tribological properties of lubricating oil.

After adding Nano Anti-Wear Additive, the lubricating oil would be with following effect.

The friction coefficient can be reduced to 50-80%.
Repair the original wear and tear in the engine, and prolong the service life of the engine by 3-5 times, The degree of wear can be reduced by more than 3 times.
Save fuel by 10%-35%.
The service life of lubricating oil can be extended by more than 70%.
Reduce noise by 1-3 decibels.
Reduce exhaust emission by 20 to 70%.
The sliding friction in the engine becomes the rolling friction, reducing the friction coefficient by more than 80%, and reducing the engine noise by 2-5 decibels.
Strong sealing of the combustion chamber of the engine, increases the cylinder pressure, enhances the power, and makes the fuel burn more fully.