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H2200 Water Purifier


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Purifier


Dust removal Bacteria removal Microorganisms removal Dirt removal

Manufacturer's Description

n a commercial setting, everyone’s requirements are different regarding water temperature. Our hot and cold water purifier will ensure that everyone can have water at the temperature they prefer.

This floor-standing water purifier provides instant hot and cold water (94°C and 4°C) with a simple push on the lever.

Our water purifier is ideal when you’re looking for an office water purifier that provides hot and cold water instantaneously. The hot water function is also secured with a hot water safety lock system, which ensures that you have to press the safety lock button before hot water can be drawn. This feature provides additional safety in the workplace, preventing users from accidental scalding.

This water purifier provides 4 stages of comprehensive water filtration.

Stage 1 (Sediment): Dust, dirt and other physical particles are removed. Optimal filtration in later stages requires that physical particles are removed first.

Stage 2 (Pre-Carbon): Odours, odd tastes, chemicals like VOCs, cloudy or murky water, and more can affect the water quality. Carbon filtration will remove any chemical contaminants like chlorine.

Stage 3 (NanoFACT): Waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria are removed through effective NanoFACT technology.

Stage 4 (Alkaline Antioxidants or Post-Carbon): Minerals are added to the water to ensure optimal taste and health.