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Tankless Countertop Nano+ Filtration Water Purifier (CP-MN031)


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Purifier


Heavy metals reduction Chlorine reduction Virus removal Unpleasant odor elimination

Manufacturer's Description

Combining industry leading filter technology, advanced features, and intuitive design, CUCKOO's water purifier line does exactly as advertised: purifies your drinking water for your health, safety and convenience—all while instantly modernizing your living or office space. 
CUCKOO's Nano+ filters feature 3-stage filtration: a pre-carbon filter to remove heavy metals, odors, chlorine, and VOCs, a mineralizer to add electrolytes, natural calcium and potassium to your water, and finally a Nano+ filter to remove heavy metals and viruses.

NO WATER TANK: With the provided installation kit and a working water line, you'll have purified and temperature controlled water in a snap
NANO+ FILTRATION: Automatically removes harmful impurities such as rust, micro organisms, lead, fluoride, odors, and chlorine 
SMART AUTO DISPENSING: Set the amount of water you want to be dispensed, and the exact amount will be poured into your cup below—no pressing and holding buttons while dispensing
FILTER REPLACEMENT ALARM: Will automatically notify you when and which filters need to be replaced
SIMPLE OPERATION: Complete with sleek and modern touch controls for easy operation