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Nano DAP


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Manufacturer's Description

Nano DAP addresses the critical requirement of phosphorus in the chlorophyll for facilitating photosynthetic activity. Nano DAP consists of particles of polymer encapsulated DAP which are of nano size (< 100 nm). These nano sized particles are suspended in an aqueous solution which can be sprayed onto the leaves of the plant after dilution. These particles enter the plant through cuticular pores or stomata and then penetrate the cell membranes through endocytosis. Once inside the cell, the nano DAP particles release the DAP slowly and ensure that adequate concentration of phosphorus is available in the chlorophyll for photosynthesis. As the requirement of P for photosynthesis is very small, the small quantity supplied through Nano DAP is adequate to fill any gap in P supply from the soil.

Coromandel Nano DAP

Nano DAP is a premium inhouse invented and manufactured product based on cutting-edge Nanotechnology. It is a unique liquid fertilizer product that contains nanoparticles of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP). It is a source of nitrogen and phosphorus – 2 key primary nutrient essential for the growth of crops. The small size of Nano DAP (< 100 nm) and high surface area drive the easy absorption by plant leaves. This novel nano-formulation helps in better crop growth and yield, reduced environmental burden and increased farmer profitability.