Registration Date 28 Aug 2023
Revision Date 28 Aug 2023

Ruta Gel Nano Silver Ag+


Medicine Disinfection

Hand Sanitizer


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanocolloid CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Virus removal Bacteria removal Germs removal

Manufacturer's Description

Ruta Gel Nano Silver Ag+ is an enthusiastic invention of RON INTERNATIONAL Group. The product offers a bactericidal effect. Ruta Gel Nano Silver Ag+ is not only great with natural ingredients, but also has a simple, easy-to-use way for everyone. You can use Ruta Gel dry hand sanitizer anywhere and anytime, to ensure hygiene and health for yourself.

Especifically, this product was born at a time when the epidemic nCoV was developing and spreading rapidly. Washing hands regularly and continuously withRuta Gel Nano Silver Ag+ is the most effective way for each person to protect themselves and those around them. So, not only is a business product on the market, Ruta Gel Nano Silver Ag+ is really a solution to help support the community of RON INTERNATIONAL.

Washing hands is always encouraged by the Ministry of Health regularly in daily life to ensure hygiene and safety for health. We often come in contact with a lot of utensils, many different environments every day. Meanwhile, other activities such as eating, drinking, or important location contact are done by hand. Therefore, the hand is where it originates and carries many risks of making the body infected with bacteria.

Hygiene and hand cleaning are essential, not only in the case of dangerous epidemics such as Sars, Mers or nCoV but also in daily life. The Ministry of Health always recommends that everyone often wash their hands, especially after using the toilet and before eating.

Disinfectant soap is not really convenient for users because it needs to be combined with clean water. With regular alcohol hand washing water, there will be unpleasant scent, not suitable for many people’s skin. Realizing this, RON INTERNATIONAL has researched and released Ruta dry gel nano silver hand gel that is able to perfectly overcome the defects of the above products.