Registration Date 18 Oct 2023
Revision Date 18 Oct 2023

GOP Solar Module mono GOP-E-M100Wp for PV-island plants


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell

Manufacturer's Description

German Offgrid Power modules for self-sufficient PV systems:
Mono- and polycrystalline of 5-200 Wp

GOP brand modules are a perfect synthesis of German engineering, highly qualified, cost-effective production facilities, the use of selected components and careful quality assurance.
Powerful Offgrid solar modules
Especially for a mains-independent power supply
Excellent value for money
For self-sufficient applications in the professional field, e.g. in the area of traffic for street lighting,
Guidance systems, parking card machines and similar applications
For island solutions in the leisure sector, e.g. for lighting, cooling and media
in holiday, gardening, residential buildings, for mobile PV systems in campers and on boats,
for Solar Pump and Irrigation Systems etc.

Protection class IP65
2 years product warranty
10 year warranty on 90% of the rated power
25 year warranty on 80% of the rated power