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Higon New 420W 425W Full Black Bifacial Half Cell Solar Panel


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Manufacturer's Description

In order to better meet the booming demand for rooftop distributed
PV, Higon Solar has rolled out the new 182 series light weight module, which is the 54-cell module based on 182mm silicon wafer. The module power covers 400-430W to meet the needs of various types of rooftops.
The new light weight module has adopted 30mm frame design, which is thinner, lighter and more efficient for shipment.

Compared with larger cell module products, the 182 bifacial serieshave a number of outstanding characteristics, such as a lower working current and power loss, a lower temperature coefficient, high low irradiance performance, high power output and low hot spot effects.
Moreover, it provides for two installation methods according to field conditions: by rails and clamps. In both cases, the 182 bifacial series modules are qualified for 5400Pa static load on the front side even when there is no cross-beam support on the back.