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H250P72 Polycrystalline Solar Module


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


Anti-reflective PID Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Polycrystalline solar cells have a square shape and a shining blue hue as they are made up of several crystals of silicon in a single PV cell.
Polycrystalline panels, also known as Multicrystalline solar panels, are square-shaped bluish panels consisting of several crystals in a single PV cell. These solar modules consist of several polycrystalline solar cells interconnected with each other. These kinds of solar panels have a mosaic-like surface and the vat of molten silicon used cools the panel automatically. The modules absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.
Polycrystalline panels are suitable for roof mounted arrays. They are used in large solar farms to harness the power of the sun and supply electricity to nearby areas. Polycrystalline modules power standalone or self-powered devices such as traffic lights in remote areas and off-grid households to name a few.