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Flexible Solar panel Solar module Green Cell GC Solar Panel 100W / Monocrystalline / 12V 18V / ETFE / MC4


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Solar Cell


Flexibility Corrosion resistance Lightweight High-Efficiency

Manufacturer's Description

Flexible Green Cell solar module with monocrystalline cells - Implementation of an environmentally friendly project using the most efficient solution on the market with an efficiency of up to 20%.
Intelligent ETFE material - The Green Cell sheet is extremely thin, light and resistant even to the toughest weather conditions.
Extremely flexible solution - thanks to the ability to bend the panel up to 30 degrees, it adapts perfectly to any surface and can be used on boats, caravan roofs and photovoltaic house installations.
Convenient installation - each GC solar module is equipped with 4 mounting holes and long, 2-meter-long cables that are terminated with MC4 plugs, making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.

The flexible 100 W Green Cell solar panel is a product developed using the latest technologies in the photovoltaic category - monocrystalline cells and ETFE material. This makes GC modules ultra-light, thin and, above all, flexible compared to standard solar modules. This leads to an extremely wide range of applications - from installation on boats, mobile homes to small photovoltaic installations for private households. Realize your dream project with an ecological solution.
The Green Cell panel uses monocrystalline cells that guarantee a high efficiency of ~ 20%. This means that the GC panel can simultaneously generate up to 25% more energy than a polycrystalline panel of the same size. Choose efficiency, not size.

Green Cell photovoltaic modules are the perfect solution if you want to protect the environment and save money by using renewable energy as a power source for your devices. The ETFE material used in it is biodegradable and no environmentally harmful substances have been used in the production process itself. This means that the product poses no threat to the ozone layer that surrounds our planet. Choose Green Cell solar panels and change your environment to a more ecological one.