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Nano mask filters – SPURTEX® - 10 x 15 | 10 pcs


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Mask Filter


Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-allergic Anti-virus

Manufacturer's Description

Pack of 10 pcs nanofilters 10x15 cm in a face mask with a pocket tested to trap viruses, bacteria and other sumbmicron particles. The nanofibre membrane used in the nano filter corresponds to the filter quality class FFP2.

The nanofibre is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. In the Czech Republic, we are experts in nanofibres and were the first in the world to develop a device for the industrial production of nanofibres in 2004 in Liberec. Most manufacturers today use meltblown technology to produce nanofibres, but the Czech company Spur produces nanofibres using electrospinning, thanks to which they are able to produce fibres much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.

The nanofibers are spun into a nanofibrous membrane, which can be imagined as a very dense net or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule can pass through, but a bacteria, virus or allergen cannot. The nanofibre membrane has been tested for trapping sub-micron particles (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for trapping a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (SARS-CoV-2 virus is reported to have a realistic size of 80-150 nm).