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IXELIUM Gas Hob 73cm


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : GMA 7521/IXL -852440938000

Gas Hob


1. Ixelium™: The new stainless steel cooktop that never loses it's shine, with a revolutionary surface that prevents food residues from sticking. Even at high temperatures it's appearance remains unchanged, with no dullness or yellowing - the perfect choice for those who love style, ease of cleaning along with excellent cooking performance-2. Flame Failure: All Whirlpool gas hobs come fitted with a flame failure device as standard 3.Cooking Flexibility:Different burner sizes provide maximum flexibility when cooking. 4.Cast Iron Supports: IronTech' pan supports for that professional look and maximum stability in use.

Scratch Resistance Self-cleaning Stain Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Whirlpool presents iXelium™: the cooktop that stays shiny and beautiful over time, resisting scratching and staining. Created through the exclusive application of nanotechnology to steel, its revolutionary surface prevents food residues from becoming attached, making it quick and easy to clean with a simple wipe of the sponge.