Registration Date 23 Aug 2015

LG SW 440 ES


Environment Water and Wastewater Product Number : LG SW 440 ES

Water Membrane


1) Flux and salt rejection 2) Low temperature seawater and two-pass systems
Salt traetment Flux rejection Low temperature seawater Two-pass systems


LG NanoH2O's TFN membranes have demonstrated a 50-100% increase in permeability when compared to the installed base of RO membranes. This increased permeability means less pressure is required to force the migration of fresh water through the membrane, thus lowering a desalination plant’s energy costs. In addition, the enhanced permeability of these membranes also leads to an increase in the amount of fresh water produced, given a certain pressure, over typical thin-film composite membranes. LG NanoH2O has further improved the membrane’s chemistry to provide increased salt-rejection over traditional membranes, resulting in better fresh water quality.

Air Permeability Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

LG NanoH2O's energy saving ES membranes lower the cost of desalination by improving energy efficiency and productivity, offering the highest flux and salt rejection in their class. These high flux membranes are well suited for low temperature seawater and two-pass systems.