Registration Date 24 Aug 2015

New M Window AC with Turbo Cooling


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : AWT24W2MEA/XSG

Air Conditioner


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


1. Silver Coated Technology: Samsung Air Conditioners are the first and only of its kind to coat the filter and the evaporator with silver coating. Most other brands of air conditioners available on the market have not incorporated a silver coating to their filters or evaporators, leaving you more vulnerable to breathing in unhealthy air. However, because we have coated the filter and the evaporator with a silver disinfecting and antimicrobial coating, we do offer superior protection 2. Easy-to-Access Filter: You can slide the filter in and out without removing the front grille for quick and easy cleaning. Dust, soot, and pollen in the air are efficiently collected and easily removed. 3. A Delightful Day with Good’sleep Mode: What if you can have 82% longer deep-sleep hours, what if you can keep optimum skin temperature while sleeping, and what if you can save up to 30% energy everyday? Based on precise studies undertaken for many years, Samsung’s Good’sleep Mode will miraculously change your life, enabling all three what-if’s. 4. Powerful "UTR" Compressor 5.Slide-out Chassis:The Window Type air conditioner is easy to install because the chassis can be detached by sliding it out. Just install the lightweight cabinet on the wall or in a window and then insert the unit in the cabinet by sliding it in. That’s all it takes to install a Samsung Window Type air conditioner. 6. 4-Way Air Direction: The Window Type air conditioner provides fresh air in 4 directions. Its size is compact, but it can blow air far to every corner of your room. 7. Ventilation Control: The air can be directed in the direction you want by adjusting the horizontal louver and the vertical louvers. It is possible to set the horizontal louver to swing at a constant speed or fix it to point airflow in the desired direction.

Anti-bacterial Activity