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Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Filter


1) Desalination Pre-Filtration 2) Pre/Post filter to UF, MF and R/O membranes 3) Point Of Entry and Point Of Use water filters 4) Boilers and Air-conditioning cooling towers 5) Food & Beverage processing 6) Rainwater harvesting and Grey water recycling 7) Pharmaceutical processing and manufacture 8) Municipal plant water sampling 9) Biological control and defence
Food industry Boiler Air-conditioners Pharmaceutical industry Desalination Rainwater harvesting Grey water recycling


1) Removing a wide range of water borne contaminants including bacteria, cysts, viruses and colloidal particles; 2) High flow rates combined with a correspondingly low pressure drop of only 2 psi 3) Lower operational costs achieved from reduced maintenance cycles 4) Lower power consumption due to lower pressure drop profile 5) Improved water recovery and recycling rates 6) Reduced chemical inputs 7) Reduced maintenance and replacement cycles

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution UV Protection MF filteration UF filteration R/O filteration High Flow Rates Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

NanoCeram® is a new type of water filter media combining the proven benefits of standard pleated filters wth a breakthrough in nano-technology to create a unique filter posessing removal capabilities well beyond the scope of conventional filtration technologies.

In contrast to traditional water filter technology, which removes contaminants based purely on the physical pore size of the media, NanoCeram utilises 2 to 3 micron nominal pore size to trap particles between 0.5 and 2 microns and combines this with process called 'electro-adhesion' to trap fine and ultra-fine particles down to an incredible 0.02 microns.

Please find below a selection of articles covering key aspects of the NanoCeram filter science, background, performance and technical characteristics.

High Performance Turbidity Filter - Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine - Feb 2005
Particle Removal Efficiency of Nano Alumnina Fibre - IWC #10 - May 2005
High Performance Microbiological Filter - June 2005
High Performance ElectroPositive Filter - BioProcess Intl. - June 2006
Virus and Protein Separation Using Nano Alumina Fiber Media - June 2007
Electropositive Filtration in Automobile Manufacturing - Toyota Water Group - WQA April 2008