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Ixelium 6th SENSE Single Oven in Stainless Steel


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : AKZM 6560/IXL - 852565638110



1. IXELIUM: Long lasting beauty. The revolutionary iXelium® nanotechnology treatment protects your oven from scratches and ensures a perfect shine, always. And it's easy to clean: all you need is water and a soft cloth. 2. EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to clean. To clean your oven, simply use warm water and a soft cloth, no need to use harsh chemicals or cleaners. 3. SOFT CLOSING 4. 6TH SENSE: Ready-to-use recipes. Select one of 30 pre-set recipes, and your oven will automatically adjust cooking, temperature and time settings, while continually monitoring your dishes, to ensure perfect results. 5. READY2COOK: No pre-heating required. The Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature, and completely eliminate the need for pre-heating. 6. COOK3: No aroma mixing. With the innovative Cook3 function, you can cook up to three separate dishes at the same time, without the risk of aromas mixing.

Scratch Resistance Self-cleaning Non-yellowing