Registration Date 27 Aug 2015

GE Spiral Wound Membrane (Pure water)


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Filter


1) Water desalination 2) dairy industry 3) high purity water 4) boiler feedwater 5) rinse water 6) water reuse
Water Treatment for Reuse Desalination Dairy industry High purity water Boiler feedwater Rinse water


World-class spiral wound membranes and state-of-the-art depth filtration products create unprecedented performance and protection. When used in combination with the ROSave.Z depth filter with patented Z.Plex* technology, you have outstanding protection for your pure water elements. Using GE filters in combination with GE membranes assures that membrane equipment will operate at optimum performance and provide you with: Improved operations Better environmental compliance Increased water reuse Lower maintenance costs

Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturer's Description

GE’s spiral wound membrane elements cross the spectrum of membrane including reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF). Originally designed for water desalination, spiral wound membranes are now used in a variety of applications including in the dairy industry, in manufacturing products, for high purity water and at high temperature and extreme pH conditions. GE offers membranes that are designed to meet the customers’ needs in each unique situation.