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Registration Date 29 Aug 2015

Chanson Nano-2 Filtration System (Non-Electric)


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Filter


Elements Removed by the Chanson NANO2 Filter: Over 99% removed: Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Spores, Fungus, Crytosporidium, Giardia Lambia, Parasites. Over 90% removed: Barium, Bicarbonate, Bromine, Chloride, Chlorine, Chloramine, Chromium, Copper, Cyanide, Fluoride, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Silver, Turbidity and more. Over 85% removed: Aluminum, Cadmium, Carbon Tetrachloride, Lead, Nitrate, Organics, Pesticides, Radium, Silica, SOC’s, Sodium, Strontium, THM’s, TOC, and Uranium. VOC’s 75% and more.
Antibacterial material Viruses Exposure Removing Spore Removing Fungus Removing Crytosporidium Removing Giardia Lambia Removing Parasite Removing Barium Removing Chloride Removing Chlorine Removing Chromium Removing Manganese Removing Turbidity Removing Nickel Removing Bicarbonate Removing Copper Removing Aluminum Removing Cadmium Removing Carbon Tetrachloride Removing Sodium Removing Uranium Removing Strontium


Total dissolved solids (TDS) reduced

Total dissolved solids (TDS) reduced

Manufacturer's Description

Innovator and water expert Ronnie Ruiz worked with engineers in Taiwan to create the original Nano Filtration System, and has now collaborated to improve on the original design with a non-electric version, the NANO2.

Just as with the original Nano, the NANO2 uses high pressure created by a pump to separate contaminants from the water supply. Water is forced through a membrane that has tiny holes which are no larger than .0001 micron. This causes VOC’s, SOC’s, bacteria, viral contaminants and a host of other unwanted water pollutants to be removed.

Reverse Osmosis is no longer the only option for contaminant removal, and nano filtration is a proven, and far superior substitute. The NANO2 runs without electricity and produces water on command thanks to a durable 3.2 gallon holding tank (included with purchase). And the NANO2 can refill the tank in 30 minutes, no more waiting hours for your holding tank to refill.