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Multifunction CookMaster Oven 60cm


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : OIM 39600 X



1. AEROCHEF : Thanks to the Beko ovens with the AeroChef Integrated air frying accessory, you can prepare healthier fried foods by using only small amount of oil. This accessory utilises hot air within the oven to cook meals which normally need to be fried. The rotating basket uses 13 times less oil as regular frying and is enough to prepare delicious crispy fries, wings and cutlets. Moreover, you can fry nuts or pop corn using the AeroChef accessory. 2. EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: When it comes to capacity, bigger is definitely better. Despite its standard dimensions, the 89 liter Beko oven has among the most spacious interiors among in its class. The extra large interior provides enough room to roast a big turkey, or prepare a big feast for family and friends. It’s convenient for large families, or anybody who wants to get the most out of a Standard 60 cm width built in oven. 3. MULTIDIMENSIONAL COOKING: Multidimensional cooking is the new generation of professional cooking technology that activates all heating elements on a multidimensional level. The upper, lower, and fan heating elements - combined with the fan - all work simultaneously to provide the most even heat and temperature distribution possible. The MDC function enables cooking large pieces such as a big turkey or meat perfectly 4. BOOSTER: The booster function activates all heaters for quick pre-heating to reach the set cooking temperature and can reduce the time required to reach the desired oven temperature by up to 35%. 5. BREAD MAKING ACCESSORY: There's nothing quite like the warm aroma of freshly baked homemade bread from the oven. With the Beko Bread Maker Oven Accessory, enjoy freshly baked bread whenever you wish! The Beko Bread Maker oven accessory fits within your Beko oven and is suitable for baking all varieties of bread. 6. PULL-OUT TELESCOPIC SHELVING SYSTEM: The fully extendable arms of the telescopic pull-out shelf system enables easy and safe access to the oven contents. 7. EXCELLENT CLEAN NANO COATING TECHNOLOGY: The inner glass of the oven is dirt resistant and ""Excellent Clean"" with nano coating technology application on Beko ""Excellent Clean"" ovens. Cleaning the oven door after approximately every 20 cooking cycles with a soft cleanser and a piece of cloth will be enough to maintain the shiny and excellent clean look for many years.

Anti-pollution Self-cleaning