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Freestanding 100cm double oven range cooker


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : BDVC100

Range Cooker


1. Two Fan Ovens: This Rangecooker has two separate ovens, both of which have a large capacity of 58 litres and benefit from Fan cooking. Fan cooking ensures even temperature distribution across the whole oven so you can be assured of great results no matter which oven level you use. It also allows for speedier cooking at lower temperatures. 2. Separate Grill: There is even a dedicated grill on this rangecooker to provide even more cooking capacity, and different cooking options. Easy to prepare some cheese and toast for a snack while cooking for the rest of the family. 3. 5 zone hob with warming zone: 5 zone hob with warming zone The ceramic hob houses 5 electric cooking zones and a separate warming zone on the right hand side. Plenty of space when cooking for the family, plus its smooth surface means it easy to clean. 4. Nano coated inner door glass: Nano coated inner door glass The first nano technology used in domestic ovens! This innovative technology was created by Beko to save you time when cleaning your oven and money on heavy duty cleansers. The oleophobic nano coating technology used on the inside glass door helps resist grease and dirt so your oven will always look great! 5.Easy clean doors: Unlike older models, all beko cookers now have a full glass inner panel. By eliminating bumps and grooves where dirt easily accumulated It makes the doors easier to wipe clean. 6.Enamel oven lining: When it comes to cleaning, the hardened enamel oven lining on Beko cookers will make cleaning less of a hassle. 7.Oven Lights: Both ovens on this model comes with a circular lamp at the back of the cavity to make viewing your food easier while cooking. 8.Removable shelf runners: Metal shelf runners help to make it easier to slide the trays in and out of the oven and can be removed and washed in the sink for easy cleaning. 9. A Rated Ovens: Both ovens on this Beko cooker score ""A"" for energy efficiency.

Anti-pollution Self-cleaning Oleophobe